What is a FlexTip?

"New innovation for those hard to reach places."

FlexTip is a new product that allows user to flex, bend, reach those areas where you can reach tight spaces.

The Flextip comes in 2 styles with varying length of applicator tips.

This product works great for many things…, the small opening orifice friction fits end of funnels, 10.1 and 5.5 oz tubes of caulk. I personally used it for caulking and when I needed to put fluids into hard to reach places.

This is an easy to clean product and if needed the tube can be cut down to size along with the applicator tip orifice. The tube can be bent up to 90 Degrees with the flex wire attachment for those hard to reach places like windows, doors, door trim, sinks, and toilets. If you are in the construction trades, maintenance, boat builders, homemakers or do it yourselfers this is a must have. Need friends or family members this would be a perfect gift to bring you closer.

“No tool box should be without”